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Turn is an AI-powered "workforce-as-a-service" platform designed to empower companies to efficiently source, screen and retain 1099 workers.

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How it works

Everything you need to know to start working with Turn

Background checks

Learn why our background checks are the fastest and most secure way to screen and confirm qualified candidates.

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Check flows

Understand the different flows of gathering, processing and reviewing candidates.

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Levels of Integration

Review the different levels of integration that Turn offers.

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Learn about our legal and compliance flow to ensure streamlined and reduce adverse action.

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Different levels of integration

We offer a wide range of integration possibilities.


Access the Turn Dashboard to initiate background checks without needing to integrate with an ATS.

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Fountain Integration

Turn offers a seamless integration with Fountain. Integrate in just a few minutes, with no technical support.

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API Integration

Review Turn’s full API including the the webhooks you can expect and useful API calls.

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Let's get started

Turn's flexible API lets you integrate in a customizable way depending on your needs and desired level of integration

Full documentation API Reference

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