The leader in contingent workforce background checks.

No matter what kind of identity screening solution you need, Turn endeavors to be better, cheaper, and faster than any other platform in the industry.

If you are an on-demand company looking to scale your 1099 labor workforce, come see what Turn can do for you.

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Transparent Pricing.

How is Turn so much cheaper than other identity screening solutions? It comes down to our internal costs vs. theirs.

High Fidelity Data.

Our matching algorithms access billions of records from proprietary, public, and government databases to deliver an accurate background check. Our data partnerships range from cutting edge data providers that you’ve never heard of to multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies that are household names.

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Operational Efficiency.

Our deep data integrations and proprietary identity algorithms enable us to have industry leading turnaround times for our background screening results. This means faster worker onboarding and improved worker conversion for our partners.

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Workflow Integration.

Through direct integrations and webhooks, we are able to connect with some of the leading ATS (applicant tracking systems) platforms. Regardless of which platform you use – external or home grown – our team is here to help streamline the workflow process.

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We’ve got you covered


Developed to be mobile-ready, we enable workers to submit information through their preferred device.

Seamless API & HR Integration

Easily integrate into existing workflows to instantly verify users through a simple API call.

Plan Flexibility

Designed to fit any stage of growth, we offer several plans to match your screening needs.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Access everything you need for a small, predictable fee and reduce spending by 50%+.

Robust Candidate Profiles

Consolidate identity information from multiple touchpoints into one streamlined worker profile. Make data-driven decisions fast.

Built-in Support Tools

Our compliance technology, automation, and electronic workflows make it easy for our partners to maintain compliance with state and federal laws, including FCRA

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